V-Plus Ayurveda, having a history of over 70 years was considered to be one of the Best and Oldest Ayurvedic Clinic in India. V-Plus Ayurveda was started with a keen effort of the V-plus in 1947 to treat poor and needy patients with the aid of safe, effective and affordable Ayurvedic medicines.

V-Plus Ayurveda is famous for practicing Ayurveda , Yoga and other performing Arts. The name and fame of Ayurveda was synonymous with India’s heritage and culture. Legendaries from all over the world and has giving Ayurvedic Treatment by Oldest and best Ayurvedic Formulas.

V-Plus Ayurveda has a wide range of ayurvedic medicines & believes in the promotion of health & well-being. Their aim is to provide best quality ayurvedic medicine for preventing various diseases such as Plies, weight loss, weight gain, Sexual Problem and hair fall. Our ayurvedic medicines have been tested on several parameters & ensure to provide you the best Ayurvedic Medicine and Treatment in India

In Ayurveda Fat is described as “med” and it is one of the essential components of the body. Main Function of med is to provide energy. Some types of vitamins like A,D,E,K rely on fat for absorption and storage. Fat cells stored in adipose tissue insulate your body and helps sustain normal core body temperature.In obesity unwanted excessive fat is deposited in various parts of the body.


Piles :- Pile Lock Tab

Hair Care :- Trick HUP Oil

Sexul Prob :- X-Power Plus

B-Slim 20 :- Slim Trim

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V-Plus Ayurveda, our Piles Lock Tablet helps you cure the swelling and inflamed veins in the rectum, and giving you relief in the bleeding and discomfort.This may be due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, to get rid of the problem straining when passing a stool best piles medecine in india

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Hair Prob

V-Plus Ayurveda In Ayurveda amala , brahmi , vatajata are keshavardhak (growth) herbs and maka , jaswand are kesharanjak (colour)herbs. Massage the scalp with V-pus Hair Care hair oil which contains these ingredients.This helps to improve blood circulation of the scalp and gives strength to the hair root.

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Sexual Prob

V-Plus Ayurveda is very useful for improving energy levels. Most tonics consists of temporary stimulants resulting in a short-term effect. Ayurved stresses upon improving overall stamina. In addition, believes in keeping a positive approach towards health. Ayurvedic medicine for Stamina acts as a libido enhancer

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Weight Loss

V-Plus Ayurveda,Tablets helps you to decreases your obesity tendency and Increase your metabolism, So the food you eat generate energy instead of fat in the body. This new energy makes you do things actively. problem Weak body . This medicine helps you reduce excess fat from different parts of the body.

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V-Plus Ayurveda, With our mission of bringing Ayurveda to every home Along with our Ayurvedic healing that entails natural ayurvedic ayush approved products – you will need to make the requisite dietary and lifestyle changes too and over all product 50% discount.

100% Ayurvedic Medicine

V-Plus Ayurveda, “why” or the “root cause” of the health problems , scientific ayurvedic and natural, best ayurvedic ayush approved product. Herbs like ashwagandha, amla, tulsi, cinnamon, ginger etc. are the treasures of healing qualities and properties.

No Side Effect 100% Natural

V-Plus Ayurveda, To give you the best ayurvedic healing, we concoct the best ayurvedic product for you. 100% trusted side Ayurveda is the oldest system of treatment . V-plus Ayurveda All our ayurvedic products are made from natural herbs and other extracts – so no side effects.

Approved By 42 Worldwide Doctor's

V-Plus Ayurveda hasaying stress on core development, we move on to advanced level, and this helps in forging a reliable base for the lifetime achievements of our students. SSC result is what utters the stories of excellence of our students and our training mantra.


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